Breast health workshops

Breast Health Workshops will be offered to people who are not breast cancer victims but are looking for information about breast care and breast issues.

Information will be provided about resources available, self-examination techniques, early diagnosis of breast cancer as well as health issues, risk factors and statistics. Please keep in mind that we will not give medical advice or opinions on one’s personal health.

Caledon Breast Cancer Foundation and the MammaCare specialists urge you to visit your health professional if you have a concern. Early detection is key.

We will not give medical advice or opinions on one’s personal health.

What You'll Learn

The MammaCare Method, which was developed to help women detect lumps and breast changes more effectively, will be offered using the MammaCare silicone breast models.

The MammaCare Method of breast self-examination was created by Dr. Henry Pennypacker (University of Florida) who felt that if a blind person could be taught to use the pads of their fingertips to learn Braille, then women could learn to examine their breasts by using the same method.

  • Self-examination
  • Techniques
  • Early diagnosis of breast cancer
  • Health issues
  • Risk factors and statistics\Resources available

Breast Cancer Support Group

A Peer Support Group for women who have had breast cancer, are going through treatment or have been newly diagnosed. Caregivers are also welcome.

​You don’t have to be alone on this. We meet every month in a warm, inviting, safe and confidential environment with ladies that understand your journey. Our facilitators are trained volunteers and breast cancer survivors.

We share: Stories, Friendships, Strength, Coping Strategies, Inspiration and laughter! Take the first step to Healthy Healing by contacting facilitator Rosa Rosa using the info below.

Stay tuned for our 2021 meeting dates! 

Contact CaledonBCF by phone or e-mail

Psychotherapy counselling

When an individual is diagnosed with cancer, it not only threatens their health but ultimately their entire spirit and outlook on life. Sadly, there is no universal remedy for coping with the disease, however, there are all sorts of organizations and foundations that recognize these individuals needs and they constantly are working to do their best to help accommodate those living with cancer and their families during such trying times.

Breast cancer hasn’t stopped this entire time while the rest of the world has been in a pandemic. Breast cancer knows no limits, it’s still an ongoing battle for many of whom we know and love. The Caledon Breast Cancer Foundation is pleased to announce that they have now teamed up with Clinical Psychotherapist Marie-Maude Pelletier Sottile.

Marie-Maude is a Clinical Psychotherapist who will be working directly with those in our community who are battling breast cancer. She will be available to listen and offer caring, attentive counselling needs to each individual throughout their cancer journey

Marie-Maude will be working remotely to provide treatment to individuals who are adjusting to a life change in relation to breast cancer. She is trained in providing counselling services in both English and French.

The psychotherapy techniques in which she specializes in are CBT, DBT skills, client-centred, compassion, emotional and solution-focused therapy, talking therapy, psychoeducation, frameworks of attachment and family systems.

It is our hope and commitment to help those in our community who are experiencing the magnitudes of cancer and for their families affected by someone they love with cancer that with this new counselling service we may be able to help brighten someone’s day.

Please note that there will be a $25 donation per appointment that will go towards the Caledon Breast Cancer Foundation, which in turn will help multiple women and families in our community who are battling breast cancer.

Contact Marie-Maude Sottile by phone or email: